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Is noise in your home keeping you up at night…? Does it feel like your neighbours are living with you…? You may need Soundproofing!


We at Soundproofing R Us understand that not every noise problem is the same. So let our friendly staff and the years of expertise at Soundproofing R Us help you every step of the way with your Soundproofing project


Soundproofing Walls, Soundproofing Floors & Soundproofing Ceilings have become increasingly important in today’s noisy world, with noise complaints increasing every year.


Soundproofing R Us is a prominent, long established company providing soundproofing installation services to thousands of clients throughout London and many parts of the UK
We offer up to date solutions and products to improve on all types of noise in your home.


We at Soundproofing R Us can provide complete soundproofing solutions to solve a wide variety of acoustic issues. Whether it’s reducing airborne or impact noise through floors, walls, ceilings or designing and installing the perfect soundproofed enclosure for special uses such as recording studio or music rooms, our specialist at Soundproofing R us provide the most effective solutions for both residential and commercial installs at the most competitive prices.


We complete all of the work in-house and provide a 2 year guarantee on all our workmanship. Our installers at the company are fully and completely insured, so that the customer can rest assured that the work will be completed on time, to a high degree of quality and great care will be taken within your home.


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  • We have achieved the highest level of recommendations on checkatrade with over 209 testimonials, from real customers having had the same problem you may be having now
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  • All works are completely and fully insured
  • We start when we say we will start even if you have booked months in advance
  • We always finish on time and in some cases even a day or two earlier – Depending on the size of the project
  • We have completed over 1089 projects to date so you know you getting the best experienced engineers and the highest level of service
  • All workmanship comes with a 2 year workmanship Guarantee and products life time guarentee
  • Most competitive prices guaranteed

Covering Most of the UK and the following area’s – South London, East London, West London, North London, Central London,Wimbledon,Putney, West Hampstead, Bristol, Brighton, Hove, Guildford, Colchester and Luton and many more…


Site visits may carry a small charge which is refundable on acceptance of works. Areas outside London may carry a slightly higher charge, but also refundable on acceptance of works.


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How does sound travel?


Sound can move from one substance to the next in different ways depending on the type of substance involved. By substance we mean material such as air, wood, brick and countless others. When sound moves through the air it normally has a point of origin, like a radio or a car hooter from which the sound expands outwards in all directions in the shape of a sphere. Similar to what would happen if you were to dropped a pebble into a calm pond, the ripples would move away from where the pebble entered the water.

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Soundproofing Floors

You can sound proof your floors when you need to create an area that is completely peaceful. Soundproofing Floors is normally made use of in places like hospitals, research labs, libraries, etc. You will need experts to get this kind of job done. We at Soundproofingrus provide you with different types of soundproofing approaches so that you will not have any disturbance through your floors. We offer you SRU Budget Solution, Rock wool & Acoustic plaster boards, SRU Floor Hanger System, and 15mm SRU Impact Reduction Matting that have all worked wonders for our customers. By Soundproofing Floors you can improve your comfort level.


Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing refers to any type of method employed for reducing the intensity of sound with regard to a particular source and receptor. There are several basic approaches to reducing sound. For example, you can increase the distance between source and receiver. You can also use noise barriers or soundproofing walls to block out or absorb sound wave energy. You may further make use of damping structures, such as sound baffles, or you may use active anti-noise sound generators. Soundproofing Walls are the most commonly used means of reducing sound. At soundproofingrus, a variety of wall soundproofing can be acquired. We offer precast concrete, timber, metal and insulation fiber materials in our range. We can provide you with Resilient/Sound Breaker Bars, Sound Panels 52mm & 15mm Sound bloc, Independent Wall, and also M20 Wall panels.


Soundproofing Ceilings

A few years back before the term apartment became trendy I lived in a flat in Sale. I loved my flat but the only problem was the noise from the surrounding neighbours. I`m not sure what type of soundproofing was put in the walls and ceilings but it might as well have been cream cheese for all the use that it was. These days, builders and developers have to meet with strict regulations to ensure that adequate levels of noise reduction are in place. Developers can bring in teams that are experts at Soundproofing Ceilings and they will make sure that noise from below isn`t a problem in the future. If only Soundproofing Ceilings was a requirement a few years ago my time spent living in my flat in Sale might have been a touch more enjoyable. At least modern people living in contemporary apartments won`t have such traumas because their buildings will have been insulated by companies that specialise in Soundproofing Ceilings.


Soundproofing London

Property developers in London can keep their buildings well within the building regulation guidelines if they take suitable steps towards their soundproofing solutions. Helping a number of developers with Soundproofing London is a team of experts who have completed a number of noise reduction projects in the past. They can help to hush walls and give floors the type of noise insulation that will help to keep neighbours happy in the future. Ceilings will certainly appreciate being treated to a little noise insulation if the Soundproofing London team is called in to help. When suitable solutions are required to eradicate noisy problems only one Soundproofing London team should be called in to reduce the amount of noise from within the building. If the right type of soundproofing is placed into position you can feel confident that noise will be the least of your problems when it comes to developing properties in the future.


Soundproofing Ceilings

In certain environments Soundproofing will come in handy, especially if noise might be a problem to the neighbours. In commercial or domestic environments suitable noise reduction might be required if changes within the buildings are being made. Most property developers will come across such issues if they are taking down existing walls and having new stud walling placed into position. The noise levels can be reduced when premium Soundproofing is installed and a number of companies can provide high levels of noise reduction. As part of the new building regulations, developers have to make sure that they use the right types of materials in their properties. The best way to make sure that you meet up with the new regulations is by having qualified Soundproofing teams working on your sites for you. This way all the necessary sound reduction will be completed without any type of problem and your buildings will have adequate noise insulation in the future.