Soundproofing Floors are becoming increasingly important in today’s normal day to day living. With more homes wanting hard flooring than ever before, the days of soft carpeting underfoot are gone forever. With the advanced use of tiled floors, wood floors and laminate floors has come a sharp increase in noise related concerns.


The two most common Floor issues are Impact Noise and Airborne Noise.


Impact noise occurs when one object collides with another Examples of Impact noise are children running or adults just walking, a table being shifted or simply a chair that’s nudged, washing machines on spin cycles or a simple item dropped.


Airborne Noise are Sound waves that travel freely through the air until they reach part of a building that they cause to vibrate. These vibrations travel through that part of the building and are radiated out of the other side. Typical airborne transmission sources are neighbors talking, audio from televisions and radio transmission.


The best way to improve on Impact noise through floors, is to fully de-couple the flooring itself from the floor joists or structure. The Multi Panel floating floor is one of the best examples of the full floating floor. Other products such as the 15mm Impact Reduction matting or the 15mm Db boards are also great solutions and products which will de-couple the floor finish from the current structure.


Wanting to retain the floor-boards, then why not install our Floor channel floating floor system.


Airborne noise is much easier to control and reduce. Products such as Tecsound 50, Tecsound 100, Sound matting, Db boards and  Rock-wool added to walls, floors or ceilings will add more mass and absorption, thus improving on the current noise transference through the area’s.


Please find a list of  our floor soundproofing solutions to improve on all types of Airborne Noise and Impact noise transference through timber and concrete floors.


A) Rock Wool & Acoustic Plaster Boards


Having problem with noise coming up from below..? Looking for a solution which will give you a good result..? Then our combination of acoustic plasterboard s and rock-wool may be the right solution for you… A layer of 10kg sound matting can also be added to add more mass p/sqm thus giving a further enhancement in improvements.


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B) Acoustic DB Boards & Rockwool


Our New simple but effective floor solutions which will significantly improve on airborne noise been transmitted through the floor/ceiling area. This solution can be added to both timber and concrete floor construction. Also improves on impact noise, so can be used under carpets or engineered wooden flooring..


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C) SRU Floor Hangers – Silent floor system.


Would you like to keep your floor boards exposed and not cover them up with a carpet….? Then our SRU Floor hanger system would be the best solution for you…..


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D) 15mm SRU Impact Reduction Matting – Heavy-Duty Underlay.


Looking for a simple solution to lay under carpets or to stairs to take the edge of the impact noise…..? Why not try our 15mm SRU Impact reduction, which can be laid directly under carpets or onto stairs. You can also install a engineered flooring directly to the matting…..


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E) SRU Multi Panel Flooring – Full Floating Floor


Looking for the best possible solution to combat impact and airborne noise…? Then why not try our SRU Multi Panel floating floor solution. Its smoke resistant, fire resistant and moist resistant…


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Floor Solution Comparison


Solution Solution Description Floor Height Loss Material Cost Labour Intensity Airborne Noise Improvement Impact Noise Improvement
A Rockwool & Acoustic Plasterboards 19mm Medium Medium 50%* Low
B Acoustic DB Boards & Rockwool 15mm High High 60%* 60% -65%*
C SRU Floor Hangers 7mm High High 60%* 65%+*
D 15mm Impact Reduction Matting 15mm Medium Medium 40%* 40%*
E Multi Panel – Floating Floor 12mm High High 70%+* 70%+*


*Results may vary due to flanking noise and/or structural noise

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