There are many ways one can soundproof floors to help combat both Impact and Airborne noise.


When deciding a solution. One should take in account the following:

  • The current construction of the floor
  • The height the floor can be raised by
  • What the main issue is – Impact or Airborne noise
  • What the final floor finish will be after installation

Simple solutions under a carpet is a good soundproofing underlay which will help reduce impact noise and some airborne noise.

If you are considering laying a new Wooden flooring then a more extreme solution may be best, like installing a Full Floating floor solution.


To reduce airborne noise coming up or going down, one should remember the good rule of thumb when it comes to soundproofing and that is to:

  • Add Mass and Absorption

We would always advise to fit Acoustic Rock-wool between the floor joists in conjunction with any Floor Soundproofing as this will treat any reverberation within the floor void.

Over the years Soundproofing R us have designed new floor solutions to combat all types of noise issues through floors. Let our team design and install the perfect floor solution for you home.

A) Rock Wool & Acoustic Plaster Boards


Having problem with noise coming up from below..? Looking for a solution which will give you a good result..? Then our combination of acoustic plasterboard s and rock-wool may be the right solution for you… A layer of 10kg sound matting can also be added to add more mass p/sqm thus giving a further enhancement in improvements.


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B) Acoustic DB Boards & Rockwool


Our New simple but effective floor solutions which will significantly improve on airborne noise been transmitted through the floor/ceiling area. This solution can be added to both timber and concrete floor construction. Also improves on impact noise, so can be used under carpets or engineered wooden flooring..


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C) SRU Floor Hangers


Would you like to keep your floor boards exposed and not cover them up with a carpet….? Then our SRU Floor hanger system would be the best solution for you…..


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D) 15mm SRU Impact Reduction Matting


Looking for a simple solution to lay under carpets or to stairs to take the edge of the impact noise…..? Why not try our 15mm SRU Impact reduction, which can be laid directly under carpets or onto stairs. You can also install a engineered flooring directly to the matting…..


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E) SRU Multi Panel Flooring – Full Floating Floor


Looking for the best possible solution to combat impact and airborne noise…? Then why not try our SRU Multi Panel floating floor solution. Its smoke resistant, fire resistant and moist resistant…


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Floor Solution Comparison


Solution Solution Description Floor Height Loss Material Cost Labour Intensity Airborne Noise Improvement Impact Noise Improvement
A Rockwool & Acoustic Plasterboards 19mm Medium Medium 50%* Low
B Acoustic DB Boards & Rockwool 15mm High High 60%* 60% -65%*
C SRU Floor Hangers 7mm High High 60%* 65%+*
D 15mm Impact Reduction Matting 15mm Medium Medium 40%* 40%*
E Multi Panel – Floating Floor 12mm High High 70%+* 70%+*


*Results may vary due to flanking noise and/or structural noise

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