Music Rooms


Have you ever wanted to be able Play , Listen or Record music in your own music studio, without the worry about bothering your neighbours?

Are you a music teacher and need a soundproofed enclosure to teach your clients..?

We at Soundproofing R us have being installing soundproofed rooms and studios for many years. We have helped many musicians and artist create the perfect working space.

We offer a full design & install service for converting almost any type of outbuilding, residential room or commercial space into your very own  Music  Studio or Recording Studio.


Design & Install…..

  •  We take care of  all Ventilation &  Heating 
  • We  install  all Vocal booths, live rooms and Rehearsal space
  • We take care of all electrics – From adding a few points to a full Re-wire
  • We manufacture our own Sound panels to acoustically treat the room
  • We manufacture our own acoustic doors and curtains
  • We supply bass traps and help with the layout of the acoustic treatment
  • Our on site Sound Engineers can help you set up your equipment ( Charges Apply)


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