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Soundproofing Ceilings

Ceiling Soundproofing Solutions, UK

Most people consider soundproofing walls to be the most important, if not the only, stage of soundproofing a room. However, soundproofing a ceiling can provide an incredible array of benefits, especially when trying to soundproofing in an apartment.

Soundproofing R Us makes use of a lot of different methods for soundproofing ceilings including, but not limited to, genie clip ceiling systems, resilient bar ceiling systems and even independent ceiling systems. Each of these ceiling soundproofing methods is reinforced by the capable hands of our skilled team.

Noise from neighbouring properties over yours can be quite a problem these days. The most common noise issues are Impact and Airborne noise which are being transmitted through the ceilings/floor areas when people are walking on the floor above.

The best way to reduce these type of noise levels is to break the contact between the floor and ceiling by creating either a full floating floor above or a Full Independent Ceiling below.

Over the years, we have designed many new ceiling solutions to combat most noise transmission through the ceiling and floor areas. When considering which solution to have installed there are a few factors to take in consideration:

  • How much ceiling height you can afford to lose
  • What is the construction of the current ceiling and floor area
  • What type of noise issues you are mainly having – Impact or Airborne

After taking all the above in consideration, the team at Soundproofing R us will help you design and install the perfect soundproofed ceiling for your home.

Soundproofing for ceilings is ideal for soundproofing ceilings in flats as well as soundproofing in offices. For more information or any enquiries for professional ceiling soundproofing, feel free to get in touch and contact us here.