Earlier properties may have been created with Party Walls that have little or no sound insulation at all so normal day to day noise can be heard quite clearly.


Neighbours do not have to be noisy for there to be a problem . In most cases the issue is with the single brick construction of the Party Wall and also the age of the property itself.


The problem of extraneous sound bleed through your home if left to persist over time can have a negative effect on the quality of life at home. Soundproofing your walls are more straight forward than imagined, especially if the issue is Airborne Nosie only.


There are many soundproofing products and solutions that can be used to tackle problems with brick or stud wall sound bleed. Dogs barking, loud conversations, phones ringing, light switch activation, children running up and down stairs, the list goes on. At Soundproofing R Us we know which approach works best for all of these sound problems.


Some of our Wall Solutions such as SRU Sound Panels or the M20 wall panel solutions can be fixed directly onto any brick wall with a spray adhesive or bonding compound. We then use additional Acoustic Plasterboards to complete the project, again bonding with a specially formulated soundproofing adhesive.


If we find that you need a more robust approach we can build an Independent wall that will give you better protection against noise transference in your home. Additional Products such as  Tecsound membranes and Mass Loaded vinyl  can then be incorporated into your soundproofing solution to get maximum improvement.


Soundproofing treatments for walls are continually developing.  Products such as Green Glue which is a damping compound can be added between the two layers of acoustic plasterboard we fit to further minimise noise transference.


Please find below many Wall Soundproofing solutions to minimise noise in your home today.


A) M20 Wall Panel System


If you can’t afford to lose much space…but looking for a thin solution to take the edge off the noise. Then the M20 wall solution is for you….!


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B) Standard Independent Wall


Can afford to lose some space… Impact noise also a problem through the party wall..? Then why not install our full Independent Wall…


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C) MAXI – Independent Wall


Need a more robust solution for Impact and airborne noise… Can afford to lose space.. Then why not try our full Independent wall solution with added M20 panels…



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D) Independent Wall –  Genie Clips

Looking for a solution which will give you maximum improvement in impact noise… Then our new Independent Acoustic Genie Clip solution is for you…



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E) M20 Wall Panel System 


Space an issue, but you want the best possible outcome without taking too much space… Why not try our new and improved M20 wall solution with added 15mm Acoustic dB boards…


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F) Independent Wall & Db boards 


We have now taken our Independent wall solution to the next level adding the 15mm Acoustic dB boards to the solution…


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G)  Maxi – Independent Wall &  Db boards 

Where impact and airborne noise is at its utmost … This may be the best solution for you as its a combination of the independent wall, M20 wall panels and the new 15mm Acoustic dB boards..


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H)  Independent Wall –  Genie Clips & Db boards 


Impact noise the major problem… Space no issue.. Why not try our new and Improved Geni clip solution with added 15mm Acoustic dB boards..


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Wall Solution Comparison



Solution Solution Description Wall Space Loss Material Cost Labour Intensity Airborne Noise Improvement Impact Noise Improvement
A M20 Wall Panels 50mm High Medium 50-55%* Low
B Indpendent Wall 152mm Medium High 65%* 60-65%*
C Maxi – Indpendent Wall 172mm High High 70%* 65%*
D Acoustic Geni Clips 100mm-172mm High High 70%* 75%*
E *NEW* M20 Wall Panels 50mm High Medium 65%+* Medium
F *NEW* Independent Wall 152mm Very High High 70-75*%* 70-75%*
G *NEW* Maxi – Indpendent Wall 172mm Very High High 75-80%+* 75-80+%*
H *NEW* Acoustic Geni clips 100mm-172mm High High 75% +* 75%*

*Results may vary due to flanking noise and/or structural noise

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