Earlier houses and flats may have been created with party walls that have little or no sound insulation so normal noise levels can be clearly heard from the other side. Neighbours do not have to be noisy to be a problem and it this type of noise that the new noise regulations seek to address. So normal levels of radio noise and speech should not be heard and hopefully, the following solutions will help you to soundproof your Party wall. Each solution has been combined to help with different levels of noise coming through the Party walls. Your solution will depend on your volume being heard and also how much wall space can be used for the Party wall soundproofing.

A)  M20 Wall Panels M20 Wall Panels


If you can’t afford to lose much space…but looking for a thin solution to take the edge off the noise. Then the M20 wall solution is for you….!


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B) Basic  Independent WallIndependent Wall


Can afford to lose some space… Impact noise also a problem through the party wall..? Then why not install our full Independent Wall…


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C) MAXI – Independent WallMAXI – Independent Wall


Need a more robust solution for Impact and airborne noise… Can afford to lose space.. Then why not try our full Independent wall solution with added M2o panels…



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D) Acoustic Geni ClipsAcoustic Geni Clips

Looking for a solution which will give you maximum improvement in impact noise… Then our new Independent Acoustic Geni Clip solution is for you…



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E)  M20 Wall Panels    



Space an issue, but you want the best possible outcome without taking to much space… Why not try our new and improved m20 wall solution with added 15mm Acoustic Db boards…


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F)  Independent Wall    new-independent-wall


We have now taken our Independent wall solution to the next level adding the 15mm Acoustic Db boards to the solution…


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G)  Independent Wall    


Where impact and airborne noise is at its utmost … This may be the best solution for you as its a combination of the independent wall, M20 wall panels and the new 15mm Acoustic Db boards..


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H)  Acoustic Genie Clips    



Impact noise the major problem… Space no issue.. Why not try our new and Improved Geni clip solution with added 15mm Acoustic Db boards..


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Wall Solution Comparison



Solution Solution Description Wall Space Loss Material Cost Labour Intensity Airborne Noise Improvement Impact Noise Improvement
A M20 Wall Panels 50mm High Medium 50-55%* Low
B Indpendent Wall 152mm Medium High 65%* 60-65%
C Maxi – Indpendent Wall 172mm High High 70%* 65%
D Acoustic Geni Clips 100mm-172mm High High 70%* 75%
E *NEW* M20 Wall Panels 50mm High Medium 65%+* Medium
F *NEW* Independent Wall 152mm  Very High High 70-75*%* 70-75*%
G *NEW* Maxi – Indpendent Wall 172mm  Very High High 75-80%+* 75-80+%
H *NEW* Acoustic Geni clips 100mm-172mm High High 75% +* 75%

Things you should know when considering to soundproof your wall:

  • When soundproofing the party wall, you may in some cases need to soundproof the chimney breast as well.
  • Flanking noise may sometimes play a role with the noise through the party wall – noise coming in via another area.

*Results may vary due to flanking noise and/or structural noise