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Floor Soundproofing Solutions

Professional Floor Soundproofing Solutions, UK

Soundproofing a room doesn’t stop at the walls or the ceiling, sometimes you need to see the benefits of sound insulation between floors. Floor soundproofing helps to prevent impact noise and airborne noise, and soundproofing floors can help reduce noise in apartments, offices, or any other buildings that need to be blocked from external noise.

Soundproofing R Us offers an array of different floor soundproofing options, all installed by specialists and experts. Combo floating floors, rockwool and DB boards serve as just a handful of the soundproofing solutions that can be used for effective floor soundproofing.

Soundproofing Floors are becoming increasingly important in today’s normal day to day living. With more homes wanting hard flooring than ever before, soft carpeting is becoming less and less common. The two most common Floor issues are Impact Noise and Airborne Noise.

The best way to improve on Impact noise through floors is to fully de-couple the flooring itself from the floor joists or structure. The Multi Panel floating floor is one of the best examples of the full floating floor. For those wanting to retain the floor-boards, then why not install our Floor channel floating floor system.

Please find a list of our floor soundproofing solutions to improve on all types of Airborne Noise and Impact noise transference through timber and concrete floors.

Soundproofing for floors, whether it’s underfloor sound insulation or soundproof floorboards, can be utilised for flats incredibly effectively. For more information or any enquiries for professional floor soundproofing, feel free to get in touch and contact us here.