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Soundproofing Walls

Older properties may have been created with single brick “party walls”, which have little to no sound insulation. This means that neighbours don’t even have to be noisy for there to be a problem, as normal day to day noise can be heard quite clearly. This extraneous sound bleed could have a negative effect on life at home, and could quickly have you looking at how easy soundproofing walls can be.

The good news is that soundproofing walls can be surprisingly straight forward, especially if the issue is from airborne noise only.  There are many soundproofing products and solutions that can be used to tackle problems with brick or stud wall sound bleed. Dogs barking, loud conversations, phones ringing, light switch activation, children running up and down stairs, the list goes on – but at Soundproofing R Us, we know which approach works best for all of these specific problems.

Some of our most effective solutions, such as our Genie Clip wall systems or the M20 wall panels, can be fixed directly onto any brick wall of any room with a spray adhesive or bonding compound. We can then use additional acoustic plasterboards to complete the project, again bonding with a specially formulated soundproofing adhesive.

If we find that you need a more robust approach, we can build an independent wall that will provide better protection against noise transference in your home. Additional products such as Tecsound membranes and mass loaded vinyl can then be incorporated into your soundproofing solution if necessary.

Soundproof treatments for walls are continually developing, but if wall-based sound proofing techniques do not work for you specifically, then we also provide soundproofing for ceilings and services for soundproofing floors. If you need any further advice on sound proofing your new house from those noisy neighbours or maybe you just have a question about how installation or acoustics work, then please contact us on 07930 374 623 or email us at info@soundproofingrus.com.

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