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Wall Soundproofing Solutions

Wall Soundproofing Solutions, UK

Those seeking some peace and quiet, whether they’re living in a noisy neighbourhood or their office block gets a little too hectic, should certainly consider wall soundproofing. Arguably the most common and quick way of soundproofing a room, sound insulation for walls helps to combat resonating noise, isolates acoustics and simply prevents external noise from coming in.

Otherwise known as sound deadening for walls, soundproofing walls can be utilised for all manners of different buildings, rooms and purposes. To help you make an informed decision as to how best suits your wall soundproofing needs, Soundproofing R Us makes use of a lot of different methods for soundproofing walls, such as independent wall systems, genie clip wall systems and resilient bar wall systems.

There are many soundproofing products and solutions that can be used to tackle problems with brick or stud wall sound bleed. Dogs barking, loud conversations, phones ringing; the list goes on. At Soundproofing R Us, we know which approach works best for all of these sound problems.

Some of our Wall Solutions such as SRU Sound Panels or the M20 wall panel solutions can be fixed directly onto any brick wall with a spray adhesive or bonding compound. If we find that you need a more robust approach we can build an Independent wall that will give you better protection against noise transference in your home. 

Please find below many Wall Soundproofing solutions to minimise noise in your home today. Whether you’re seeking to soundproof residential areas, like flats or houses, or you need to soundproof commercial properties, such as restaurants or offices, you’ll be in good hands, thanks to the exceptional skills of our professional team. For more information or any enquiries for professional ceiling soundproofing, feel free to get in touch and contact us here.

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