M20 Panel Wall System

Thickness +/-50mm – Compatible with Brick and Stud Walls

This is a simple but effective way to upgrade any masonry party walls. Around 2 inches of wall space will be used for this solution.

This solution consists of 20mm recycled rubber matting and we use 2 x layers of 12.5mm Sound Shield plaster boards.  Alternatively, 1 layer of dB Boards and 1 Layer of 12.5mm Sound Shield can be installed. *Please note MLV and Green Glue Upgrade is not compatible with this system

Solution Description
M20 Panel Wall System
Wall Space Loss
Airborne Noise Improvement


Phonestar DB Boards

The DB Board is a high-density sand filled board which can help to reduce Airborne noise through walls. These boards are 15mm thick and have a corrugated sand filled carcass. The DB board has both soundproofing and thermal properties (on timber or steel framed structures).