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Some of our customers have sent us their comments and this is what they said:

“I have used the firm before. There is nothing I could fault about their service and my flat is much improved by the soundproofing installed. I am a very satisfied customer
Ceiling soundproofing with Geni Clips and Db boards
Posted on 1st December 2015

Daniel and his team are consummate professionals. If they can’t fix your soundproofing issues no-one can! This is the second time we’ve used Daniel’s services. After he soundproofed our bedroom ceiling, we could no longer hear our neighbours’ conversations and radio. Bliss! Soundproofing the neighbours’ floor above really helped with full-on washing machine noise and deadened (but didn’t totally eliminate) thudding footsteps and kitchen cupboards. Daniel is trustworthy and totally reliable. He left everything tidy (and in one piece) and delivered a superb job on time. Highly recommend!
Soundproofing Kitchen Floor – Multi panel flooring system
Posted on 1st December 2015

We were very impressed with the workmanship of the work done on our sitting room wall. Daniel and his team finished the job to a high standard and in good time!. I was a bit concerned there would be a mess, but everything was left clean and tidy afterwards. They were professional, polite and knowledgeable in answering questions and giving solutions. We would use ‘Soundproofingrus’ again and recommend them.”
Soundproofing party wall with M20 & Db boards
Posted on 1st December 2015

“I had my bedroom wall/adjoining wall soundproofed to deal with the everyday noise coming from the neighbouring flat. Daniel was very helpful arranging a date to suit me when booking the job, and Cuthbert and the team did a great job installing the wall. They were very helpful when explaining what they were doing, and keeping in touch with the progress on the job when I had to leave my flat to an run errand. They were quiet when carrying out the work and left place tidier than when they arrived! Really happy with the job, would definitely recommend.”
New Improved M20 wall panels system with Plastering
Posted on 14th November 2015

As indicated above – they were punctual, hard-working and very cheerful, and kept mess to a minimum.”
Soundproofing Ceiling & Party Wall – Acoustic Hangers Type C & Db boards
Posted on 10th November 2015

Excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel and his company to do soundproofing.
Soundproofing ceilings – Genie Clips & Db boards
Posted on 10th November 2015

Punctual and polite. Would use again
Soundproofing Party wall & Plastering
Posted on 10th November 2015

Expert workmanship, completed within agreed time, left neat and tidy. Sound proofing has improved noise levels from flat above, to a level where I can’t hear footsteps on wood floors. Best to spend a bit more and get full version for ceilings in between flats. Clare in Wallington
New Improved Independent Walls with Tecsound & Green Glue
Posted on 1st October 2015

Daniel and Cuthbert turned up on the dot of 8.00am. They ensured the floors in the room plus the landing and stairs were covered. Despite living in 3rd flat with no lift there was no complaint about getting all the materials upstairs. Daniel just got straight on with the work. They tidied up extremely well. Very quick and efficient. The plasterer, Marco, was equally polite and efficient. All highly recommended. Thank you. Joyce SW8
New Improved M20 wall panel system
Posted on 1st October 2015

This is the second time I have got Soundproofing R Us back in. Once again they came early, worked efficiently and left the place tidy. Daniel and his team are one of the most professional teams of tradesmen I’ve dealt with. Another two rooms to go. Mr Moeller E1
New Improved Resilient bar system with Tecsound 50 & Green Glue
Posted on 1st October 2015

This the second time I have used Soundproofing R Us. I live in old Victorian property located close 2 a busy county road which experiences noise pollution especially during rush hour. Previous owner stripped out all insulation upstairs for aesthetical purpose. Whilst the exposed beams looked attractive this unfortunately compounded the noise issue. Daniel from Soundproofing R Us over see this project with great success soundproofing 3 exposed bedroom walls and a tricky vaulted ceiling leaving vertical beams exposed. Finishing was second to none i.E. Relaying carpets general rewiring and installation of TV on wall.”
Soundproofing Walls & Ceiling
Posted on 23rd September 2015

Following too many years of the most terrible impact noise caused by a bare wooden floor in the flat above by the owner who had removed the carpet and underlay, I decided to finally do something about this, because the acoustic intrusion had made the peaceful enjoyment of my home impossible.
I carefully researched the various companies offering their services, but It was an article in the property section of the Evening Standard , with a picture of a lady smiling and drinking a cup of tea, telling the story of how SRU and Daniel successfully soundproofed her flat, describing her ‘noise story’ and how extremely pleased she was with the results, that stuck out and made me contact SRU.

I have to admit that I didn’t have great expectation, but due to the severity of the noise disturbance (a dropped pencil could be heard thru out my flat), decided that any level of reduction would be an improvement and definitely worth a try.

I couldn’t have made a better choice. The results are above and beyond to the percentage of that what was quoted in the SRU’s chart and by Daniel. The results are so amazing that I am quite literally in shock. I keep on going back into the room, actually trying really hard to hear the neighbour, it’s that quiet.
The ambient noise is gone completely. But the dreaded impact noise of foot fall, chairs being dragged, the early morning buzzing of the iPhone left on the floor, the amplified hum of the space heater motor, it’s practically gone completely, I still can’t believe it.

Most CheckATrade reviewers emphasize their reviews on how very spotlessly clean, fast, helpful, kind, courteous and professional SRU is. But it was only one question that I actually had and cared about: Will it actually work?
Yes it work! It really really does!

Thank you Daniel for the amazing job you and the SRU team have done! Within just a few days of the smoothest, perfectly organized, punctual renovation, each night leaving the site dust free, neat and all rubbish cleared, SRU have changed my home and my life forever.
This is my message to all those who are suffering the unbearable torture of living below a noisy, in-considered neighbor: there is hope is, it works, the technology of soundproofing is there and has evolved enormously and with a true professional such a Daniel, installing the just right combination of products (the db boards are definitely worth it and make all the difference)
your home too can be a quiet one.
I wished I had done this a very long time ago!
Genie Clips with added 15mm Db boards
Posted on 11th September 2015

Showroom manager guided us on the type of products that might be suitable. Surveyor/fitter attended soon after and gave further advice and verbal quote which was matched by the written quote that was received after that. Appointment made to fit and job done within a couple of hours with the three layers of products as had been described. We will now have flooring laid by a flooring company and will then know how well the soundproofing works but no reason to think it won’t be as effective as we need it to be.
15mm Db boards, Tecsound 100 & Instalay 50HG
Posted on 8th September 2015

This was the first time I used this company to install a new sound proofing ceiling in a rented property. I was quite worry that something would go seriously wrong with the installation etc. I am glad that the work carried out was satisfactory and the room with the sound proofing ceiling is quieter and nicer than before. There was a bit of concern about the tidiness on the second day of work but it was promptly addressed the next day. In the end, the work was carried out in my view to professional standards and I feel that I can trust this company for future work.
Independent Ceiling with added Tecsound 50 & Db boards
Posted on 8th September 2015

“Excellent team, efficient, helpful, cheerful, did a very good job. I am very happy with the result.”
15mm Db boards and Tecsound 100
Posted on 8th September 2015

“Daniel organised his team to travel to Cornwall and stay locally whilst they did the job. I took a 2 week holiday whilst it was under way. I returned to find the work completed, all rubbish removed and the flat in clean condition and the work completed to a high standard and all plastering and decoration made good. The sound proofing is effective as he promised it would be. The only minor blip was I had to get a neighbour to help me move the furniture back – but I daresay they simply ran out of time and had to keep to budget! I was kept informed of progress all through. Would recommend them.”
Resilient bar solution with added Tecsound 50
Posted on 8th September 2015

Shane and the team were polite, thoroughly professional and meticulously tidy. To have completed this job in just two and a half days is remarkable! The reduction in footfall is much higher than I could have imagined and the air borne sound has all but vanished. The work also appears to have reduced lateral transmission of noise having a dampening effect throughout the flat. I will undoubtedly get these guys back in to do the hallway and second bedroom next year.
Resilient bar solution with added Tecsound 50 & Db boardsr
Posted on 8th September 2015

Soundproofing work carried out by a reliable, competent and friendly professional team who produced a high standard of work. Would highly recommend them
Soundproofing Ceilings – Db boards , Green Glue. Independent ceiling
Posted on 26th July 2015

Work is excellent. Daniel and his team discussed in advance the work involved, the likely levels of disruption and the various options. The work began on the scheduled day, the team always arrived on time and worked continuously through the day. They were diligent and respectful. As a consequence the work finished quickly, and on schedule. There was a great attention to detail so that, outwardly, the walls looked as they had before. We would definitely recommend them
Soundproofing Walls – M20, Db boards & Tecsound 100
Posted on 26th July 2015

They installers could not have been more professional, polite and helpful. It was a big job but they kept the house as tidy/clean as possible and made the minimum noise – i. E. No loud radio. The work was carried out very professionally and appear to have reduced the noise levels from next door.”
Soundproofing Walls – M20, Db boards and Tecsound 100
Posted on 26th July 2015

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